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Michael Netter

Tracy Chadwell

Thomas Britt

Major Pharmaceutical Company

Global Positioning for a Novel T2D Drug

Creating a Global Positioning Statement as Foundation for Future Communication



Determine HCP global positioning for new long acting DPP-4 inhibitor

Identify most relevant, believable and differentiating positioning for new product

Determine key reasons to believe (RTBs) to support preferred concept – linking positioning and RTBs to end user benefit

Understand emotional benefit of client’s product by laddering up from end use benefits

Assess preferred target patients and their core treatment needs



Multi-country research with PCPs, Endocrinologists and Cardiologists in US, Germany, France, Korea, Japan and Brazil using in-person IDIs.

Creative techniques were used to uncover emotional as well as functional benefits of Product X using Brand Neighborhood, Laddering and InconiCards. TPP of new product reviewed and evaluated for key RTBs.


  • Uncovered perceived value and HCP’s readiness for product.
  • Explored emotional hooks used to identify most relevant positioning across all markets.
  • Identified primary and secondary patient targets.




TAGS: pharmaceutical, Type 2 diabetes, T2D, Global, US, Germany, France, Brazil, Korea, Japan, global positioning, identify primary patients, creative techniques, brand neighborhood, IconiCards, RTBs, PCPs, Endocrinologists, Cardiologists, long acting, new drug, DDP-4 inhibitor, positioning statement, novel, creative, innovative, qualitative, branding, positioning

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