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Michael Netter

Tracy Chadwell

Thomas Britt

Medical Publishing Company

White Space Assessment of the Need for Uncommon Cancers Clinical Decision Tool

Designing of a Tool Created by and for Oncologists



A major publishing company that serves healthcare professionals with tailored online products wanted to assess the appeal of a tool that would provide oncologists with a real-time online source for data and communication when diagnosing uncommon solid tumors.


This study was carried out in three phases:

In-office ethnographies were conducted with leading oncologists who serve patients with uncommon solid tumor cancers to understand and evaluate satisfaction with information and identify unmet informational needs.

Ideation & Co-Creation Sessions
To create a real-time online tool to meet their decision making needs for uncommon solid tumor cancers, we engaged designated oncologists in Ideation and co-creation sessions.

Test Design Concepts
By testing design concepts through hypothetical use cases and guided prototype evaluation, we were able to understand the impact of positioning/branding on anticipated adoption.


The company decided there was a strong opportunity to create this online tool given the gap in current print / journal data and communication resources. They approached funding sources to bring the product to market.

TAGS: oncology, diagnostic decision-making, online tool, solid tumor cancer, uncommon cancer, ideation, oncologists, co-creation, prototype, test concepts, concept testing, positioning, branding, in-office ethnography, HCP, qualitative

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