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'Tis the season for gift giving! Have you started (or nearly finished) your holiday shopping? With so many interesting merchandise available in stores and online, we wanted to offer a market researcher's perspective on some of our favorite items available in 2016. Check out our company's wish list!

Roli Blocks

“It’s called Roli Blocks, a LEGO-like instrument with a touch-sensitive silicone platform, colorful lights, and raised sections called “keywaves.” You select various sound banks from the accompanying smartphone app and the Roli Block incorporates the sounds into a compact and affordable instrument that you can take anywhere. Due to Roli Block’s continuous pressure and velocity sensitivity, you can use your fingers to create a variety of expressive sound effects and loop and/or record them for playback. It’s REALLY cool.”

Fitbit Flex 2

“If any other ladies out there have spent time looking for a fitness tracker that isn’t a complete eyesore, it’s clear why this new design from Fitbit is a godsend. There are very few wearables out there that are actually designed for women.  Most are extremely bulky and don’t give an option to reflect any personal style (outside of multi-colored silicone bands...blegh). The Fitbit Flex 2 tracker fits into a bangle or pendant (available in silver, gold, and rose gold) that looks like something I might just buy and wear even if it didn’t track my steps! Aside from being easy on the eyes, it has accurate functionality and connects to Fitbit’s awesomely useful app.  Oh, and it’s waterproof! Can’t think of anything better for those New Year’s Resolutions.”

Baguette Baker

“Who doesn’t love fresh, homemade bread? This stoneware baguette baker is made from Burgundy clay in France. It makes three 13.5 thin crispy baguettes. It's unique because the lid traps steam from the baking bread to mimic the environment of a steam-injected oven. The bread will then be able to fully expand due to exposure from the steam. This pan will also naturally gelatinize the dough starches --ultimately creating the crispy crust that people love so much about artisan breads.” 

Revlon Lighted Tweezers

“Here is my amazing discovery after years of tweezing eyebrows and other areas in the dark -- a tweezer that lights up! Who needs a magnifying mirror or a fancy hotel room to do a professional salon job on your brows?  Guys, you have tweezing to do too. Press the button and it lights up your face so you can see your skin in microscopic detail. I love it.  I don’t know how long the battery lasts so I bought two.”

Xbox One S 1TB Console - Madden NFL 17 Bundle


“I can’t wait to surprise my husband with this for the holidays.  It’ll  be great fun for him to have it while he’s cooped up in bed, and it’ll pretty much replace our janky old Roku HD and little-used Chromecast stick.  (So I’ll get something out of it too, heehee!)”

Dyson Supersonic

“This has been on my radar for quite some time now and I have been dying to check it out! I am a beauty junkie and love to try out new products/brands whenever they hit the market. I have always believed that you should invest in your hair care tools because they usually come with warranties and last years (so why not?)! I have spent anywhere from $50-$200 on a hair dryer so the steep price tag would certainly be a splurge. Dyson products are known for their sleek design and well-thought technology/usability. This particular item has been in the works for four years and has had 103 engineers working on it! Farewell bulky motors.”

LugLoc Luggage Locator

“If you travel often, chances are you had your luggage lost once or twice. LugLoc is a small battery powered device that you place in your suitcase before you embark on your trip. The device has its own sim card, which allows it to be tracked using a mobile app similar to “Find My iPhone.” The battery lasts for up to 15 hours, so if you are planning a longer trip you may require a juice pack.”

Joy Mini Steamer

“I have one of these steamers and they are one of most useful things I own. They are easy to use, travel sized, and are a great fixer-upper for wrinkled clothes. Plus, they come in some nice colors! The steamer comes in an even smaller size as well, which can fit in your purse. Definitely want one of those for travelling!”

Fitbit Jewelry

“Inspired by my stylish colleague, I’m loving this Fitbit "jewelry." It’s a feminine and less sporty Fitbit option, while still being tech forward! There are options to go with every outfit and look.”

Spa Day

“I want to go to an all-day Spa with girlfriends. I like experiential gifts much more than physical gifts.   I find that there are fewer and fewer things I want because I can buy them for myself. Experiences make a bigger impression and they extend the gift, in a way. Let’s say someone gives you a gift on Monday, but the experience is on Thursday – you have all those days of anticipation.”

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